Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh June

So June came to an end. The way things were going I wished June was at least another couple of weeks. I feel like I met almost the goals I set for myself:

[x] 15k VPPs
[x] Study (videos, discussions, on my own)
[x] Play longer more focused sessions

What I felt like I missed was more of the life goals I set for the summer. Been working out way too little and getting to bed at ~2 am has worked out... Well let's just say semi-good... But everything poker related is going better and better and I'll talk more about what I'm doing to keep it that way in my next blog!

Obviously a lot of my results this month is due to variance. I've ran really well in online MTT's as well as in live cash. Adding it all together it ended up being a +$18.8k month which is obviously a great month for me.

Feel like I'm getting the schedule down pretty well now and will focus more on 180-mans during the weeks and add in MTT's more on weekends, especially Sundays. Maybe even skip out on SNG's all together during Sundays. We'll see though. For the following week I'll be playing mostly live cash and a $500 MTT that I'm looking forward a lot to. Talk more soon!

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