Monday, June 24, 2013

Golden Sit & Go week

So the past week has been pretty hectic when it comes to online poker. PokerStars, in celebration of their 1 billionth hand(!), had a bunch of promotions. One of them was the Golden Sit & Go week where they gave away a bit above $1.4 million to SNG players, and everyone had a chance to win:

After the tourney started, if you were lucky enough, you could be part of one of 3 different Golden SNG's; 2x, 4x or 10x. If say, you were part of a 2x, you immediately got twice the buy-in + rake of they tourney back, and also the price pool for that tournament was doubled. If you were even luckier, it could be 4 or 10 times your buy-in back and the price pool being 4/10 times larger.

I was able to get into 3 2x ones, and not cashing in any of them led me to a net total of an extra $170. Not a ton, but will look at it as some extra rakeback. I did put in a lot of volume (for me) with an almost 45 hour week and a total almost 500 180-mans.

With a few deep MTT runs in there I ended the week +$2.1k so overall really happy with everything. I like that I'm back playing a bunch, but it's come to the point to really put in some time studying. I feel like I'm playing better and better, just need to get deeper into theory.

As the girlfriend is staying with me for this week I'll play a really soft schedule this week and still make it to the 15k VPP's I set up as a goal for June. Will be nice to have a week semi-off, rest, and be prepared to get back at it.


  1. Is that graph upside down?

  2. If you include MTT's then kind of yes :)